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T SHIRT: Groovy

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Life’s groovy when you’re a fly owl and here’s a sweet shirt to show that you’re groovin’, an owl, or possibly both. ONLY 20! That’s a steal right?


Hahah, well everyone, just a quick update to I’ve been designing a bunch of Tshirts for my thesis portfolio. I’ll be posting them as they are up for sale. But also continuing to post more shirts because MAN DO I LOVE TSHIRTS. 

They Buried Him Deep Again

Done in Photoshop CS4, no SAI this time, I did actually try “inking” it in SAI at one point of the process (not shown) but I felt like I’d lost some something in the lines so I went back to (what I consider) the sketch. Otherwise, this was a short story illustration prompt. And by short story I mean the title was the prompt. It was a lot of fun. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Celebrity portrait project. Done in SAI Painter and Photoshop CS4. This was delightful, I get to draw one of the coolest scientists (astrophysicists) around and also sweet sweet space. You can count but there’s only 8 planets.

A Good Puzzle

Just illustrating one of my favorite quotes from my favorite toy. All the Fonts are done freehand except for the “GOOD PUZZLE” part. I did the “FAIR” with the lasso tool.

The Sum of Pi

Senior self portrait. My name is Pai, 3.14? GET IT? EHHHH? YEAHHH??? —ok I’m done, but I am actually made of space and rubik’s cubes. 

La Musica Poster

Done in SAI painter. Wanted to do something fun and simple. Gramophones are great, and so is classical music. Pssttt, here’s a little trick, I just free hand colored in the shapes digitally to get the texture you see. ;)

Out of the Forest I Come

Illustration based on “Little Red Cap" by Carol Ann Duffy. I had a lot of fun drawing the patterns on the wolf in this. :)

Fantasy Juice Packaging Project

The idea was that there’s a riddle on each bottle and you can only see the answer after drinking the juice because it’s the same color as the liquid. I actually got it to work, and you can kind of see it in the 3rd photo. Otherwise, it was just a really cool project.

Laughter & Joy

Free-handed in SAI Painter. I’m fascinated with graphic design and hand lettering and I’ve been trying to do more stuff like this whenever I get the chance. This was actually a card I made for someone’s baby shower during my. Just drew these letters in SAI Painter.

The Outsider Mock Cover

Yeah I know, HP Lovecraft but no tentacles? I rather like to design my book covers based on the short story itself. 

Figure Painting

Done in SAI painter in two sessions.

Figure Painting

Done in SAI painter in two sessions. I had more done, but I wasn’t able to save it before someone tripped over my cord in the studio and turned off my laptop’s power by accident. Ah well.


Alternate Title: The Tower of Rhamnous. I actually had the hardest time during the ideation part of this (as you can probably tell from all the thumbnails). It took a passage/scene from Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys to inspire the final composition.